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Partnership with Super Claims Assist

Streamlining TPD Insurance Claims Across Australia in partnership with Super Claims Assist

At The TPD Lawyers, we are a specialised team concentrating solely on Superannuation and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) claims.

With the goal of helping Australians to claim the financial benefits they earned while working, our team stands ready to help those unable to continue working following an injury or illness.

Within most Australian superannuation policies, TPD insurance serves as a fundamental financial provision. It’s designed for individuals who are forced to stop working due to conditions including, but not limited to, Back injuries, PTSD, Heart ailments, Parkinson’s Disease, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

We understand how much of a difference this insurance can make to our client’s lives. Our specialised team, including our panel of medical experts, are committed to making certain that Australians get the payouts they deserve.

We start by examining your superannuation funds to pinpoint the precise insurance cover you had when you last worked. Our approach is detailed and tailored to your situation, and we manage the often overwhelming paperwork on your behalf.

With full understanding of the insurance policies, we then proceed to file your claim with the insurance company. We present the necessary arguments and proof to confirm your eligibility for the payout, and most importantly, we stand as your advocate.

Regrettably, many Australians have not received the TPD insurance they were entitled to while employed. The TPD Lawyers have taken a stand on this crucial matter, striving to make sure no one is left without support.

The amount you receive is specific to your superannuation fund and influenced by factors such as your age at the time you stopped working and your tenure with the company.

In enhancing our commitment to aid Australians, The TPD Lawyers have partnered with Super Claims Assist. This strategic partnership helps us both reach our shared goal of extending support to as many Australians as possible. We work with Super Claims Assist to ensure that no deserving Aussie’s are denied the insurance benefits they are rightfully due.